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Fizz Feast Taster – Aroma Academy

In the run up to Fizz Feast we have a series of Fizz Feast Taster blogs, each focusing on one of our fabulous exhibitors, to give you a flavour of the treats in store on Saturday 17 November.

Today’s Fizz Feast Taster Blog looks at an interesting and important player within the drinks trade, who to date has worked mainly with the drinks producers. This player is now opening up their expertise to the enthusiast with a series of Sensory Self Learn Kits and Sensory Training Programmes together with a recently released series of fun Aroma Games. The Aroma Academy was founded in Scotland by Alan Gordon and Dr George Dodd. George, being the scientist behind the products and Alan being the creator of how the products and programmes are tailored to the drinks market.

Aroma obviously plays a huge part in our everyday life and in our appreciation of food and drink. The Aroma Academy has brought it all to life in quite an exciting and ingenious way for both enthusiasts and those working in the business.

There are various Aroma Academy “Nose Training” kits including Wine, Whisky, Gin, Bourbon and Rum. Each kit is made up of a collection of vials each containing an individual aroma in liquid form representing one of the elements found in that product. Take, for instance whisky, two of the aromas here will include vanilla and peat. Within the wine kit you could pick out grass and put it with citrus you have the makings of Sauvignon Blanc.

The aromas are released by briefly dipping one of the paper strips which come with the kits into a vial and then similarly to perfume, let it develop for a few seconds and there you have a pure aroma. It’s all very clever and with Dr George Dodd scientific expertise, each vial is developed to stay true to its character indefinitely rather than the characters fading over a few weeks.

Another of the kits focuses on the not so pleasant, but important aspect of faults in drinks. These include various aromas such as what a corked wine smells like and another for a subject which is often and perhaps incorrectly discussed “over-oaked”. Come and find out what these characteristics really are.

The kits are also a lot of fun and will lead you on various amusing or more technical journeys with games to challenge your senses time and time again. Alan and George have thought of everything and they’ve even put together a very clever collection of party games which would be great for Christmas and presents.

Be sure to follow your nose to find the Aroma Academy in the Feast Hall at Fizz Feast where Alan will be ready to challenge your senses and tell you more about Aroma Academy.

Fizz Feast is a true Celebration of Sparkling Wine & Artisan Food being held on Saturday 17 November at The Edinburgh Academy on Henderson Row. There are two sessions to choose from 12-3pm and 4-7pm.

Tickets are available from £22.50 and Masterclasses are from a modest £5. Find out more.

Keep an eye out for a flavour of another Fizz Feast exhibitor in the next Fizz Feast Taster blog coming soon.

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