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Fizz Feast Taster Blog – Hoods Honey

In the run up to Fizz Feast we have a series of Fizz Feast Taster blogs each focusing on one of our fabulous exhibitors, to give you a flavour of the treats in store on Saturday 17 November.

I’m very excited to be introducing one of our new exhibitors this year – Hoods Honey.  Beekeeper George Hood was the founder of the company which is based in East Lothian and has been producing honey since 1950.  Remarkably, almost 70 years later they still have the same strain of bees amongst the 13 million they care for.  The honey has won every top award available in Scotland which is a huge achievement considering they are working on a commercial scale and it just goes to show the care and attention which goes into their beekeeping.

George Hood

The beeswax being a bi-product of beekeeping has also been playing a key role in Scotland since it is used to fill the Great Seal of Scotland and has sealed every act of the Scottish Parliament – well over 200 to date. Theirs is a very interesting history which you can read more about here 

Stuart, whose bees enjoy a pure natural environment

George’s son Stuart was beekeeping from an early age and has now taken over running the business. He says his earliest memory was being stung by a bee when giving his father a good night hug after he’d come home from tending the bees!

Stuart has since created a stunning range of candles, soaps, diffusers and natural skincare. Containing the honey and beeswax they also carries irresistible Scottish inspired scents. These superb natural scents include Scottish Sea Salt and Rowan Berry, Rhubarb and Bramble, Wild Rose and of course my favourite has to be Prosecco & Strawberry.  At Hoods Honey, Stuart does everything to perfection and with impeccable taste from beekeeping to the honey produced and to the stunning packaging of the more recent products.

Stuart & Paul Hollywood

Hoods Honey has also been used in some delicious recipes created by Paul Hollywood.  You can see the Steamed Honey Pudding here.

The pricing is also extremely reasonable and Stuart is being very generous with his offers at Fizz Feast. Candles are £7.50 and diffusers just £12.50 (normally £17.50) and there are further offers if you purchase 3.  Having had my Hoods Honey candle burning regularly on my desk for several months now I’m personally looking forward to doing some serious Christmas shopping on the Hoods Honey stand at Fizz Feast. I just hope Stuart comes prepared for us!


Fizz Feast is a true Celebration of Sparkling Wine & Artisan Food being held on Saturday 17 November at The Edinburgh Academy on Henderson Row. There are two sessions to choose from 12-3pm and 4-7pm.

Tickets are available from £22.50 and Masterclasses are from a modest £5. Find out more.

Keep an eye out for a flavour of another Fizz Feast exhibitor in the next Fizz Feast Taster blog coming soon.

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