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Fizz Feast Taster Blog – Motzenbäcker Sekt

In the run up to Fizz Feast we have a series of Fizz Feast Taster blogs each focusing on one of our fabulous exhibitors, to give you a flavour of the treats in store on Saturday 17 November.

For this Fizz Feast Taster Blog we’re heading over to Germany to tell the story of Motzenbäcker. This fabulous German sparkling wine is imported by The Original Bier Company which is an exciting new company in Edinburgh. Colin Makin is the ever enthusiastic gentleman behind this company.

Colin comes from a family of piano specialists who have travelled the globe in search of the world’s best pianos. He has the beautiful piano shop which you might have spotted on Inverleith Row Makin Pianos. Having been going over to Germany for years with Steinway, Colin was always struck by the superb beers, many of which didn’t have representation in the UK. His dream was to set up a shop and share these with the trade and enthusiasts alike. This became a reality when an ideal site just a few doors along from Makin Pianos became vacant. Colin has since opened The Original Bier Company just up the road from Canonmills at 6 Tanfield. With his irrepressible passion for small, independent producers, Colin hasn’t stopped at beer and is now selling gin and most importantly, as far as I’m concerned, Sekt (German sparkling wine) and other still German wines.

Motzenbäcker is Colin’s first foray into the German sparkling wine world and excitingly, the launch coincides with Fizz Feast. Motzenbäcker is produced by the Menger-Krug family who have been making wine since 1758. Today, over 250 years later, four generations of the family are working in the company.

The vineyards are all organically and biodynamically managed which results in naturally healthy soil, healthy vines and superb fruit. No pesticides, herbicides or animal products are used in the vineyard or winery meaning the wines are suitable for vegans.

In winter, when the vines are dormant, pigs run through the vineyard which loosens the soil and helps to fertilise it. Since shortly before harvest, the skins of the grapes are thin so the scent of the roses which are planted in abundance around the vineyard are believed to add to the bouquet of the wines.

Marie-Menger Krug is the winemaker who painstakingly produces these sparkling wines by the traditional sparkling wine method with meticulous attention to detail. This premium quality Sekt is quite stunning and we’re certainly in for a treat at Fizz Feast.  Be sure to make your way to The Original Bier Company’s stand for a taste and have a chat to Colin and Carolin who manages the shop on a day to day basis.


Fizz Feast is a true Celebration of Sparkling Wine & Artisan Food being held on Saturday 17 November at The Edinburgh Academy on Henderson Row. There are two sessions to choose from 12-3pm and 4-7pm.

Tickets are available from £22.50 and Masterclasses are from a modest £5. Get your tickets here.

Keep an eye out for a flavour of another Fizz Feast exhibitor in the next Fizz Feast Taster blog coming soon.

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