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Fizz Feast Taster Blog – Vegan Tipples

In the run up to Fizz Feast we have a series of Fizz Feast Taster blogs, each focusing on one of our fabulous exhibitors, to give you a flavour of the treats in store on Saturday 17 November.

The latest Fizz Feast Taster Blog is all about a new exhibitor we’re looking forward to welcoming to Fizz Feast this year – Vegan Tipples.  Veganism is a subject many people feel very passionate about but one which many others don’t necessarily consider as a priority market.

However, it’s certainly a market growing in importance and one to be taken seriously.  Between 2006 and 2016 The Vegan Society estimated that the number of vegans in the UK increased by 390,000, totalling a staggering 540,000 people. Perhaps this is why Sue Hunt is becoming so popular with her company Vegan Tipples.

Based in Edinburgh, Sue launched Vegan Tipples in April this year and already has well over one hundred 100% vegan friendly wines which she’s carefully sourced.  As you might expect Vegan Tipples is not just limited to wine and there are also several beers and fine spirits to be enjoyed.

Not only are these wines all vegan friendly but by the nature of the producers going to the extent of vegan practice means that the wines are produced with utmost care and attention. Many of Sue’s producers are small family run wineries making these superb wines.

So you may ask, where would animal derived products come into wine making? The main element is the fining or filtration of the wine which is often done using egg whites or gelatine. Another benefit to vegan-friendly wines is that the reds are often left unfiltered, resulting in them developing further in the bottle.

January, not only is a popular month to go “dry” but “Veganuary” is also now gaining in popularity, also considered as a good way to detox after an indulgent festive period. So, rather than push yourself to go dry, why not make the most of Vegan Tipples’ wines and have a go at “Veganuary” in 2019 instead.  Even if it’s just for your wine enjoyment!

At Fizz Feast Vegan Tipples will be showing some favourites such as Simonsig Kaapse Vonkel Brut and others including popular Gardet Champagne and a superb Argentinean Sparkling Vida Organica.  Be sure to have a taste of these wines and a chat to Sue.  You can also find out a bit more about her wines and Vegan Tipples here.

At the end of the day Vegan Tipples is all about encouraging people to have good healthy food and ensuring they have great drinks that containing no animal products.

Fizz Feast is a true Celebration of Sparkling Wine & Artisan Food being held on Saturday 17 November at The Edinburgh Academy on Henderson Row. There are two sessions to choose from 12-3pm and 4-7pm.

Tickets are available from £22.50 and Masterclasses are from a modest £5.  Join us!

Keep an eye out for a flavour of another Fizz Feast exhibitor in the next Fizz Feast Taster blog coming soon.

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